Work work and more work. Honest to god I am quite amused because just some time back I was cribbing at not having enough. I am thankful to almighty for being benevolent to me and giving me work at these trying times. But recession or no recession I am just not able to get my perspective back.

I sometimes think that by immersing myself in work I am actually running away from some realities in life. The word is running. Every body is running away from something….. so am I. But it makes me happy……. yes not being able to think and running makes me happy. So be it. Isn’t that the reason why all of us are running…… so what if I cheat a little and run a little more than what I can. I know I wont be able to do it in the long run….. another case of burn out…… so be it. But I will have the satisfaction of running on my own terms.

Some days back dhir was complaining about Blogger giving him problem. Right now it is giving me problems beyond multitudes. Right now my feeds are not reaching anywhere. So unless anybody stumbles on my blog people wont get any updates regarding my feeds. I am so upset with that that I even got myself a new site at Word press. That is my back up site and I transferred all contents of this site and pink cloud under one roof. Believe me when I say blogger is child play compared to word press. The whole thing is so user unfriendly there that it is a bloody understatement of the year. I have not yet found my feet there so I wouldn’t promise you anything exciting if you do go there.

The same features have been made so damn complicated there that you really have to use your brain to do it. To be honest I did do a very haphazard work there. Also I was disillusioned and I haven’t even seen how my site looks. Too much work. I want to take it easy for a while but my stars don’t advise that so I keep running in the treadmill of life but for the first time no qualms of not reaching anywhere. I don’t really want to think of not going anywhere. I want to remain in my customized bubble where I don’t have to use anything but my scheduler to tell me what’s next.

But honest to god it is nice to see people happy around me despite recession. Happiness puts back hope in so many people’s life. You need more and more people to be happy and positive. You know I just paused from my running to write this post and the thought that occurred to me was that I am really falling short of meeting my promise that I had made myself to visit Anna Hazare’s community. I really meant it. This time I am making a difference. I will keep my fingers crossed and add it to my scheduler…… I will definitely do it before late. I told you it is very dangerous to stop me from my running on my treadmill. I should do that (running) all the time!!! Keeps lot of people happy and me…… it stops me from thinking…… A very dangerous pre-occupation I must say!!!

Take care and keep smiling always!!!
and happy holidays !!!


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