The thing called Love

Nope I am not going to psycho-analyze this feeling nor try to reason with it or reason it out. Its just that today when I was reading Anuja’s post I was transported to those days back in college when we all had this huge list of what we wanted in our husbands/boyfriends. Some of the points included not much older than us and he should have lots of money, also he should understand us, have lots of time for us, love us lots, good looking, romantic, sense of humor, clean, never stink etc etc…… The list is too long.

Once when we were at my friend’s house and we were discussing our rather long lists and each one adding to the list and never even remotely finding a candidate for the same, we chanced upon my friend’s mom who was secretly watching us and smiling. She intervened at this juncture and told us we would have to marry somebody who was retired because only they would have lots of money lots of time and lots of love and nothing to do so also romance us!!!!

Today I remembered aunty and it made me smile. We have all come a long way since that day. Just a reminder of the old days is a song by Pankaj Udhas from the album Aman. Those days it was our dream that somebody would croon this song to us….. all the time looking adoringly at us. There was nothing more romantic as a piano.

Most of us got married to people who were technically Aurangzebs as far as music goes. If they are not Auranzebs they don’t have the time to look into eyes unless it is the case of an eye infection.

Well as for me I am totally predictable. If anybody ever sang the song for me I would first smile then say “Waise to you sang beautifully and I am really impressed BUT some points you might want to consider in your future endeavors”:
1. Your song lacked FEELING!!! It was grossly missing so the song had no…… SOUL.
2. The song went totally flat in the antara and your voice went shrill in the top notes.
3. Abe apne aap ko Mukesh ki aulad samajhta hai kya??? (like lots of others) Nasal tone mein kyu gata hai?

Result: Hubs never sings for me and like my friend Pankaj the only time I look into eyes is when there is a case of infection :-). (notwithstanding the fact that he is an ophthalmologist…… he is sooooooo going to kill me…….. and to think he just started to read my blog!!! 😀 )

Today after reading Anuja’s post i was transported back to those days and the song came hauntingly back to me to add to it there was the rain (my favorite season), nothing constructive to do, and memories of days gone by coming back.

Today I am leaving you with Pankaj Udhas at his best and a duet by Phalguni Pathak and Bombay vikings. The songs are simply beautiful. Abhi ghar na jana is a beautiful song. I haven’t yet found any song that even closely resembles something so beautiful. My all time most favoritest song. It captures the essence of romance. Love can’t get any better than this!!! enjoy!!!

Abhi ghar na jana by Pankaj Udhas

Phalguni and Bombay Vikings crooning to Tera Mera pyar sanam!!!


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  1. Hey I sing like Mukesh tooo !!!!! actually !! no jokes.. !


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