friends galore

Writing after a very long time. What have I been up to: the question best remain unanswered else my pitara of pessimism will open again. My post is a late for friendship day but what the heck.

I met all my school friends again on friendship day, this time in Navi Mumbai. I honestly don’t have anything to do with the venue. It is just that Navi Mumbai is close to Pune and Mumbaikars could make it to the venue easily!!! Most of the Punekars could not make it in fact it since the first get together where we had a whopping 16 people turn up this time it was just 8 of us. But imagine 8 boisterous women and one small kid in a mall together. Yes utter chaos. Venue was InOrbit Mall Vashi…… It was fun!!!!

We laughed a lot, argued a lot, screamed a lot, created a ruckus a lot, which by the way is totally cool with Mumbai….. which was indeed revelation to my innocent Punekar friends!!! We also sang and clapped hands and caught up with everyone’s lives and abused our not so favorite teachers, missed friends who could not make it.

Generally all of it in high spirits without drinking any unless the nimbu sharbat we all drank was spiked so much that Shreeja had to grab the bottle from us and refrained us from drinking any more of it. We had a blast window shopping specially in the amazing soap shop!!!

We reminisced the good old school days with new revelations about incidents and people. It is amazing that all those years we were so close to each other but did not know much about each other or about things happening around us. There was Poornima’s straight and no-nonsense talk, Shreeja’s smiles and jokes, Smita’s positivity and optimism, Pamela’s quiet and ever smiling presence, the newly married Saroj, Manju’s never changing self (she hasnt changed an iota since first standard) and Ambu, my best friend.

It was fun when all of us made a mad rush for food to all the stalls…… all different ones……. well we were hungry all of us!!! Some chose simple soups, some pastas and pizzas, others Indian thalis, some chana bhaturas and me I had my subway sw. Yeah it was fun!!! Fun that I hadn’t had in a very long time.

Thanks to Internet and orkut and face book we have come in touch with each other after years. Since getting together we have been meeting often……. at least twice a year. It was sheer coincidence that we met on friendship day. But we did have a great time.

After all what is friendship day without friends!!!


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