Life as it gets

Disclaimer: This is a potentially depressive post. All who are happy please don’t read it. People on the verge of suicide read it. It will definitely push you off the edge. Terminally ill people please don’t read it. It will make your last journey just as bad as my current journey.

I guess this is a a disclaimer that I should put up on my blog because lets face it…….. I am a big time pessimistic rondu. I even hate reading my own blog these days. It just depresses me too much.

I have been having a rough time with my life since last year. First it was my life that was falling apart now it is my health. I know I am not dying but believe me at times that seems such a better and faster option. So much for being STRONG. Well believe me I am not feeling strong at all.

I have read about all the motivational books that I could fathom. Nothing helped. Even Dale Carnegie (which was my bible for a very long time) does not make me see light. These days I don’t even want to write my blog. I draft up so many posts which I never post for the simple reason that I just don’t like them after I read the draft. The draft usually sounds utterly DAFT to me.

For years I was THE STRONG ONE. I never ever fell sick. Believe me for years at a stretch I never fell sick…….. not even fever or a runny nose, which is a very uncouth phrase to be used these days very dangerous and fatal word. Something that kills people. Bird flu was so cool specially for a vegetarian like me. I was totally cool with that……… This one is bad. We have to wear masks, treat all people who have red eyes with suspicion……….. earlier it was just about anybody with crazy looking luggage (after the terrorist attacks). Now everybody with a different colored eyes is strange because they may be carriers. If they have a runny nose……… runnn!!!

I went to Pune last week and the pigs had totally destroyed my beloved city. It looked like I had landed in some Muslim country with everyone wearing a burqa. We did have women earlier wearing masks trying to evade heat sun and pollution for the skin but now it is a necessity that will save your life!!! Irony isn’t it ???

piggy flu

piggy flu

People are dying everyday like nobody’s business. Every morning the number seems to go up a few notches. I know people die everyday but never so many in my city alone. I just read that though almost 45,000 and 25,000 people were infected with the virus in the US and the UK respectively, only 0.6% and 0.1% actually died.

You can read the article here.

So what is it that is making the piggies so strong here? Could it be the administration or maybe the health facilities in Government hospitals. I am not playing the blame game here just that when I was young we all knew that anybody who ever went to Sasoon never came back alive. Guess the reputation still stands!!! Can’t the administration and Health Officials for once WORK and SAVE lives……. that is what they are supposed to do after all!!! aren’t they?

While I sit at home and mope for being sick and in my hubby’s words “being insulated”, I ponder over how much I hate pigs and worry if my family will breathe in the wrong air!!! I tried convincing ma and pa to come and be with me but they don’t like me either. I mean who wants to live with a moaner???? Do you know in Rajasthan women are actually paid to cry and moan…… Rudaalis (saw a movie once with the same concept). Guess I have an alternative occupation.

Anyway I am not going to start raving and ranting about the killer piggies/piggy flu simply because this blog is all about MOI not some PIG!!!

People talk about life having tunnels and times being bad and sade saati etc etc!!! But me I seem to be living in the poles where you just don’t have sunlight for months. In my case for years!!! What can I say I am at my brink and every moment I just pray that I can live the next without any catastrophe!!!

What was it : Tough times don’t last………… Tough people do !!! Well I don’t feel tough for sure.

Leaving you with “ONE DAY AT A TIME”…… listen to it : It is inspirational……… at least for ME……. Currently my chant!!!

Oh I forgot Happy Janmashtami………… Birth of Krishna !!!!


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