Beginning of another journey!!!

Main akela hi chala tha, janib-e-manzil magar,
Log saath aate gaye aur caravan banta gaya…

These are some inspiring lines by Majrooh Sultanpuri. Whenever I am on the brink of starting something new I remember these inspiring lines. Usually when you are going to do something different from the usual and stereotype you are bound to come across lots of people who think otherwise and they will in turn discourage you to embark on the journey you have destined for yourself. It is usually sheer belief in yourself to do what you have decided that can actually save the day. Doubts, second thoughts and alternate plans have no place in such situations. It should be the case where you burn all your boats and take the plunge.

In my experience I have more people discouraging me than encouraging me and more often than never my plans go kaput……. but surprisingly that never deters me. I pacify myself by thinking that my loss is at least not because of the lack of trying.

People come to our lives in different shapes sizes and temperaments. It is very essential to determine that these people do not bring grief and sadness to us. Call it self preservation but at times the dirt that these people bring into our lives can be very disturbing. I read in a certain blog some days back that when you let people into your life keep the welcome mat on your doorstep ready for them to wipe their feet so that they do not soil your life….. that is so true it reeks of it!!! People do sometimes bring muck to your life.

Swami Ramkrishna Paramahansa had said that be a Rajhans who when given a mixture of milk and water sucks in only the milk and leaves the water so take in the good attributes of people around you and discard the others. But sometimes it is difficult to distinguish especially when they come from close quarters. It is very easy to call quits and continue in the quiet hum drum of your life but is definitely a herculean task to take up something different and do it. It does require a hell lot of grit and perseverance to continue…….. even when you think that you cant do anything further and you’re losing. Whats important here is that you really cant proclaim yourself LOST as long as you’re trying.

People will talk. They always do. The most important thing is your trust in yourself!!!

Kuch to log kahenge………. logo ka kaam hai kehna
Chodo bekar ki baton mein……… kahin loot na jaye chaina

Leaving you with a very beautiful song by Rod Stewart……. no reason just felt like it!!! “Have I told you lately that I love you”


One Response

  1. yes… you said it yourself with these beautiful lines…

    kuch to log kahege… logo ka kaam hai kehna…


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