Another Candle

It is again that time of the year………. Time for introspection and time to finally get out my balance sheet. Considering that it has been a disgusting year…….. I am still feeling good!!! All my friends called also family……… everyone called. Dhir even put up candles for my birthday on his site!!!

Coming back to my dreaded and much hated balance sheet……. no assets this year and whatever was there in last year’s sheet was used up…….. Too many liabilities…… so like a true Indian I am having a major deficit that is going to take at least two years to make up that is supposing that i have some good stuff happening to me in the coming year. As far as growth is concerned I do have some growth there it is in the form of Absolutely new pain management skills and techniques……. not that I am successful using them but who said that I have to be ace in that. The important thing here is that I am aware of there being techniques available for the new addition in my life.

Plus point is that I got a few inches closer to my family and some friends who I was a teeny weeny bit away from and I learned to say NO, which again is a good thing I think!!! I did get a little far away from some friends which again I will try to bridge. I did some inventory checking of my school group and we are total of 43 as of today…… that is good. Career wise………. thumbs down!!! Have to take some major decisions there!!! On a personal level more of inside looking is on the agenda for the ensuing year.

Now that I have dealt with the worst part of my birthday I can enjoy!!! I have lectures to give today and then hopefully party!!!!


2 Responses

  1. P-A-R-T-Y !!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!

    Have fun girl just have fun… !!!!!


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