Happy New Year (Movie)….. a review.

Happy new year………. it changes all your perceptions about movies. Firstly it is a slap on people who scream plagiarism because this movie is a collection of dialogues from movies starting from the 70’s to the current day. Plus it is Farah Khan’s attempt to make a movie using all her other movies and that of SRK’s. Gone are the days when women flaunt their bodies. These taboos are mercilessly broken by Farah. Happy New year celebrates the male bodies with their washboard abs and six and eight packs and Boman Irani’s no pack. Its an all male cast except for eye candy Deepika.

The script is not original at all and the editing is ridiculous…… anything anywhere….. The movie is a joke on Oceans 11 and on many other movies but surprisingly enough…… it works!!!! I laughed all through the movie. I don’t know whether it is the fact that 500 bucks down the drain or something else but I laughed….. and I laughed a lot!!! The story is about Charlie who is planning a heist to take revenge for the wrongful conviction and subsequent death of his father. He ropes in losers to help him achieve his goal. Well thats it!!! Thats all there is to it!!! The rest of the 2 or 3 hours (seemed much much more) is a ridiculous attempt to make you laugh.

The stunner in the whole movie is Abhishekh Bachchan….. He stunned me!!! Why did he do the movie? Unless he had some acute financial crisis which would render him homeless……. foodless…….. and clotheless (that would be something you don’t want to see…. the guy has put on oodles of weight) and the joke is actually on you because he is also playing a double role!!! Deepika is the only saving grace in the movie. SRK is lost….. I was awfully disappointed…. being a fan et al.

Watch the movie when it is aired on TV no point wasting time and money on it. And if you persist in watching it leave your brain at home….. it makes no sense!!!

Rating…… 3/10 (3 because I am an SRK fan and the fact that it made me laugh for more than 10 to 15 mins)


another weekend goes by!!!!

Another weekend……. this one very close to new years. I spent it in watching two new movies. Yeah I no…… I was supposed to be studying. Don’t worry I will get into the groove of the whole thing very soon. It does take me time that I have to re-organise my life so I spent the weekend conceptualising the whole new dimension of my life. I really am a control freak so for me to get into the groove is really taking time. Perhaps I am making excuses for myself and as usual time is the only thing that is not in my hands.

By the way I stumbled upon this nice site with lots of quotes with good pics so i am going to put up one for my benefit everyday.

The movies that I saw Rab ne bana di jodi and Oh my god!!!…… that is the name of the movie. Thankfully the second one was comedy and the first one could not make me cry so i guess it wasn’t too bad.

Rab ne bana di jodi is a fulltu punjabi drama……. with Shahrukh’s melodrama!!!! too much actually….. The story is about a girl who is to get married to her boyfriend who dies and shahrukh steps into his shoes and marries her himself instead. Shahrukh is the typical small town, middle class bachelor who lives alone, cooks for himself, puts in more than required hours at work, no friends…… in short boring life. He falls in love with his wife but wife does not love him…… she is the typical case of “being in love with love”. Eventually he gets her to love him in return….. The only sane thing in the whole movie is the girl (anushka). Her character has been designed beautifully……… she is absolutely sane and balanced….. I loved her character…… very real. In he end after one dance competition, one wrestling match, one motorcycle chase and the entire entourage of the city of Amritsar the couple go for their honeymoon to JAPAN!!!! amazing na……. happens only in our very own bollywood…….. well also in James bond movies…… take your pick!!!!

The other movie Oh my God !!! is a case where God is confused about his own creation. The story is of the classic case of thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai. It is the story of an honest man who wants to get the little something extra in life and in his pursuit for the mirage he forgets /overlooks the simple pleasures that his life gives to him. The characters are beautiful and very real!!! The main protagonist in the movie played by Vinay Pathak is a great fan of Dhirubhai Ambani and wants to become like him his wife played by Divya Dutta is always supporting him in his eccentricities and truly his anchor. The movie pushed the point that in trying to get something that is not with us…….. we might even lose what we have and miss out on the true joys of life……. not really funny but it does not fail to make you smile.

As for me I have to really pull up my socks and get on with my studies……… lots to do……. !!!

Moony tales

Did you know on Friday the whole world was celebrating Karva Chauth…… not literally!!! Actually the moon came really very close to the earth almost 45,000 kms closer than it really is……. so it was really appearing very very big and most people were out of their houses watching this phenomenon. This thing has happened after 78 years….. last happened in 1930, and the next time it happens I won’t be around to watch it. In India full moon started at 12:00 midnight.

There were hoards of people watching the normally forgotten moon…… I think that it was a nice change whatever the reasons…… It was nice to see people watching the moon for a change…. It has been sadly neglected. As for me, I had decided to watch it and even put an alarm to wake up at midnight to watch the actual big big moon….. but i slept through….. woke at 4:30 when the people were returning home after watching it.

The weekend otherwise was sleepy!!!! Yeah I worked my butt cleaning almost all the upholstery in the house!!! It is part of the cleaning that we have to do after there has been a death in the family.

Overall a non consequential weekend !!!! just the way I like it!!!! I am rather scared of interesting things happening lest……….. they be scary-interesting can’t palate something like that !!!!

Saw the movie Sorry Bhai!!! amidst all the cleaning and washing. Boring movie!!!! The story is of two brothers who are very close to each other but who develop misunderstandings after the girl the elder brother wants to marry falls in love with the younger brother……. but all is well in the end!!!

I really don’t think anybody should marry a person who is on rebound or somebody who has the last minute jitters of the “grass being greener on the other side” before their wedding. In this movie however the main protagonist a scientist who is researching on para physics and trying to make a wooden dog fly with their combined positive frequencies goes to Mauritius to attend his brother’s marriage to a girl with whom he is going steady for five years. The girl however, is not so sure of the marriage and of the guy who is busy making money. The scientist falls in love with his brother’s girl and so does the girl who already wants to stop the upcoming marriage.

Some parts of the movie are hilarious!!! Specially Shabana Azmi and Boman Irani….. they are your only consolation for spending money and time on such a stupid movie. Chitrangadha singh’s comeback is wasted….. the story is so weak she has no scope to actually make a COMEBACK. I remember her in “Hazaron Khawaishen Aisi”…… she was out of the world!!! This was an insult to her creativity….. very shallow emotions…….. nothing….. just a waste of money and time if you ask me!!!

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