Formula one racing in India.

Who says that formula one racing is only happening in Singapore? This weekend I was fortunate to witness the same on my way from Mumbai to Pune. Earlier I was very upset at not being able to witness the event in Singapore. I was looking forward to getting some good shots of the racing. But alas as they say Man proposes God disposes. Though my consolation prize was to watch a similar event and even participate in it in our very own city.

Strike eight in the evening and the whole expressway transforms into one big formula racing event with almost every kind of vehicle in sight participating. We should be thankful to the authorities for banning rickshaws and bullock carts else we would have seen some real tough competition to the truck and trailer drivers who do not think that they are in any way inferior to the likes of Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello or at least up to the likes of Narain Karthikeyan.

Most of these drivers view the ghats as the ultimate racing track in which to prove their mettle. So this weekend we had trucks crisscrossing the maruti 800s that drive in the neck breaking speed of 200 kmph. Till now i had no idea that Marutis could go this fast and also believed that the max speed allowed in ghats is 80kmph. The added sweetness to the whole episode came from the constant drizzling rain which made the view impossible and the drive all the more challenging. At anytime there was absolutely no respect for the lanes all the driver crisscrossing and cutting each other from any side and every side.

Not to be left behind the Shivneri driver took this as a cue to show off and drove in manic speed into the khandala ghat. I was really glad that I was not in that bus. The most annoying of all was the car with a Haryana number plate which honked at almost each and every truck, trailer irrespective of whether it was a suv or HCV. It was really annoying. The worst part was the guy got away with the honking because more than one vehicle gave way. The whole event which lasted for roughly half an hour to 45 mins was totally crazy. All through this trip I had an innova or some other big long car scrap past me. Once I had also had a trailer on my tail honking and driving on me laden with what seemed to be parts of a rocket. Not to mention the eerie time when I was sandwiched between a truck a trailer. Both of whom seemed to look like the leaning tower of Pisa, defying laws of gravity or just about it. I was finally glad to get home.

I should have been glad that God had answered my prayers. But wasn’t he listening properly. I only wanted to WATCH and take shots. Guess I wasnt very specific!!!!


The Movers and The Packers

Its been such a long time since I actually sat down and wrote. One of the longest blog sabbaticals since I started blogging.

Life for me has been too unpredictable this last year and the last few months have been total roller coaster ride with Hubzz…. so much that we don’t even dare plan the next meal lest it goes awry again….. just taking life as it comes.

So many things have happened that organizing all the the events and putting all of them to a logical order is going to take a lot of time. For the present I am home back to Pune……. not visiting this time but we actually moved….. LOCK STOCK and BARREL. The dreaded 2009 ended with me totally uprooting myself from Mumbai….. back home to the land I was born and grew up……. yet strangely it feels so unfamiliar….. When I think of home these days, it is my home in Mumbai which i so painstakingly created that I think of. Here living in a rented apartment…. very close to Ma and all my family it seems different. Things have changed so much here. At times I have to remind myself that this is where I grew up.

On my short trips to Pune which usually lasted for a day or two things were different but actually living here is much more different….. you interact on a more baser level your entire perception is totally different now. So what was that that I longed to come to…… A MIRAGE???

Packing and unpacking has been a terror. The movers and packers truly moved my life…… they moved me to TEARS!!! My whole life was packed in 15 cartons and 84 packages. The memories of my life in Mumbai…… I haven’t counted!!! I have collected so much junk over the past decade both material and emotional that putting all that out of my life is going to be an effort…… the cleanliness and organizing freak in me is crying out with joy but also making me burn innumerable candles in all the ends not to mention my arthritic hands and legs which scream out now and then but now I have learned to ignore the pain. For me I just have to scream out and my whole family will be here organizing things for me…… but ten years on my own I am resisting the urge. I am finally kindof organized and even have internet which is the last stop at kindof organized.

The weather here is a JOY!!! I had totally forgotten what winter was all about. Its like an unending holiday. The first week I shifted I was wearing a sweater all day. Now I just smile…… I have longed for winter for years now I finally have it!!! In Mumbai it is only the one glorious hour in the morning that reminds you that it is winter and if you have overslept….. you have missed it.

It was very painful to leave my home. I had created it brick by brick and the last few years it was my haven and my joy. It wasn’t well endowed like the museum pieces we see in the magazines but it was cozy and most important it was mine. When the Packers moved out it looked totally bare and forlorn. I could not help but mourn about it. But the last year has taught me that looking back will only cause you pain. So I chinned up and walked out promising my home a better tomorrow as I promised myself the same.

Moving my bike to Pune was a JOY….. nope that is an understatement it was pure unadulterated BLISSSSSS!!! After years I again drove down all alone to Pune from Mumbai. Since I got sick just managing my hands and legs was an effort so driving all the way to Pune from Mumbai was pure bliss. It was like as if I got back my freedom and I could fly again……. nothing in life compares to the happiness I felt while tackling the ghats. I wont get into similes and metaphors but just that after years I felt that my clipped wings had its power again. Traveling in Mumbai locals i used to feel like the chicken in their coup before being slaughtered. The solo drive back home on my bike was HEAVEN like the flamingos. Of course I did have Hubzzz on my tail continuously giving me “INSTRUCTIONS” but since he was in the tin ka dabba…. alias CAR….. it was not difficult to lose him or the cell just not working :-D. I am a veteran at two wheelers……… I don’t need instructions!!!!

All in all the move is good!!! I meet Ma and Pa EVERYDAY…… and now I can celebrate all functions and festivals with my family. I don’t need to call my sisters just drop in on them. I spend quality time with Hubzz (his place of work is only 10 mins away unlike the three local train changes and two and half hours one way in Mumbai) and Parents and my sisters and nieces (I had forgotten what it was to be the youngest in the family) and most important I am HOME…… where I belong!!!

Mother and Child

At home I met this whole flock of women who had come to meet me at a kind of get together after all I am almost the ninth wonder of the world. How many people you know break both their legs at the same time??? Well they didn’t take my autograph but I almost gave it to them!!! kidding!!!! They all meant well. Most of them friends or acquaintances. Yeah I was asked the question of why I don’t have kids again and again reminding me why I stopped socializing in the first place. In some cases the woman in question had met me just a month back and I had told her. I realized she was playing rude so I told her: “Didn’t I tell you last month”, now I am not her most favorite person.

Some women even came up with stuff that some people don’t like children and so on. So now along with being an antisocial element, I was also a kid hater. I mean who does not like kids. Small kids of all animals and humans are cute – babies, puppies, kittens even piglets!!! But nah I cant convince her of that she needs her masala gossip. So I decided to oblige her by keeping quiet!!!

One aspect stood out as a sore thumb. These women were all obsessed about their kids. I know I don’t have any, which my Ma reminds me does not qualify me to say anything about them.

The mothers clucked around their kids like the kids would disappear without them around and they kept telling my mother: “Oh my son does not like this…… he will only eat this”……. etc and even went around to making it for them. I mean you have come to see me with my broken legs and started a culinary trip for your son!!! Why cant that damn kid of yours eat what is available for a change?? Another exclaimed that it was time for her daughter to eat fruits and my Ma’s fridge was raided for fruits. So much eating !!! I almost forgot my legs.

The kids were pests in their own right. (They had come for the whole day) Every two hours they would start I am hungry and the mothers would get so worried as if the kid was going to die without the snack…….. she would rush to the kitchen and cook for her kid…… who would eat a morsel and then over……… throw the rest or the mother in question ate it up. The kids were either hungry or sleepy or whiny. If you are thinking that these kids are small………. well they are not…………… some of them as old as twelve to thirteen. All of them school going!!!!

One more aspect which distressed me most was the selfish attitude of one mother over the other. Since I was immobile and have restricted movement I was confined to wait in places for long duration of time……… especially with the house being full!!! I noticed one mother filling a bowl of food for her child and when another kid’s mother asked for the same she did not do it in the same way as for her own. Then the other kid’s mother came and filled the bowl herself………… Now you tell me what the hell was that??? They are all kids and all so called hungry kids so when u fill a bowl for your kid you can also do that for another kid in the same way???

Some kind of sick crappy selfish behavior towards kids at my mother’s expense at my mother’s house in front of me!!! Is this the new trend of child rearing??? because when I was a kid I don’t remember my mom doing that for me. I was pampered but this is SICK!!!! One kid likes begun bhaja so the mother piles the kid’s plate with so many begun bhajas that I seriously doubt if he can eat so many…….. even if he can what about the other kids??? Don’t they get to eat that at all just because one kid likes begun bhaja??? what the hell was this???

I used to go to Kolkata for my holidays when I was a kid. We were a joint family then. All of us kids sat to eat together 16-17 of us. If I liked a particular dish…….. I liked it……… thats it!!! If I asked for a second helping both my sisters pounced on me telling me that it would fall short and maybe somebody would not get to eat it at all. So I never asked!!!! I was small then 5 or 6 and my sisters between 13 and 15yrs. If we understood that then whats with these 30-40 year old women???

I was sick to the core and went into serious thinking. What are they teaching our next generation? One mother claimed that to survive one must be Chalu and she was teaching her daughter to be just that and boy was her daughter Chalu!!! She was the Pest of the year…… her mother’s creation. What can I say, I returned depressed and with a heavy heart giving a serious thought whether I wanted children after all?? I know these women from before…….. they were not like this so what happened??? Do all mothers become like that do they all do stuff like this??? Or was it just a one time bad dream??? So many of them……. all the same hard to believe it is a bad dream!!!!

I always felt that I was a non-whiner until I met a whiner and realized that I am just like him!!! I hate whiners and to think that I am just like that is depressing….. very very depressing. So lots of soul searching on the agenda.

Apart from that its me and the cast in the AC in Mumbai!!! I don’t care about punching holes in the ozone layer anymore!!!

BTW whats wrong with Mumbaikars why are they not praying………… it is HOTTTTT and no rains also power cuts!!! Pray people pray………… that’s all you have in hand!!!! remember Indra and Meneka???? and Dhir I am definitely NOT dancing with or without cast!!! and Kavi no praying for raining from heart……. we don’t want floods…….. JUST RAIN!!!

Life………. Time please!!!

Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi……. hairan hoon main
tere masoom sawalon se pareshan hoon main….. pareshan hoon main!!!

Life is strange!!! Very strange!!! When you feel that you’ve devised the formula it suddenly changes in magnanimous proportions and your equations just don’t match and you have to start all over again. Like my friend Disha quoted on FB:

Every time I find the meaning of life they change it”

I was recently given a feedback about myself that I am strong (not physically….. you get the gist right???)…… contrary to what it was supposed to achieve ie make me feel better…….. It actually did not. I felt insulted!!! I honestly don’t want to be strong and I don’t want to keep devising new formulas to understand the concept LIFE. I sometimes hear about some people that “She can’t handle it” you know the chui-mui types nobody ever says that about me…… whats more people think they can get away with murder by just saying that.

Unlike people who are cossetted, people like me are supposed to be the fighters!!! I don’t really like it!!! I wish people would consider the amount of soul-searching and the amount of will power and strength required to surmount every challenge put forth and pls pls pls……. stop putting them before me!!! Its not that I don’t falter……… I DO……… BIG TIME……. only few people realize it. I just don’t want to keep fighting and for a change I want to play chui-mui……. not that I can do that…….IT IS DEMEANING…….. but what the heck I CAN TRY…… I CAN BE CHUI-MUI.

Just like the times we would play games and when tired would say TIME PLEASE…… I wish LIFE would give me just that……… TIME PLEASE!!!

BTW Mumbai is hotttt…….. very hottttt !!! I am told that thanks to the heat we are saved from getting the piggy virus. I do not intend to leave the haven of my bedroom at all costs that’s where the AC is. Well the cast is still on and surprisingly I am quite used to it that does not mean I like it…… I don’t…….. just used to it.

Coming back to Rains………… Are you Mumbaikars praying enough……….. If yes be specific about what you want (in this case Indra!!!) promise him dance concerts (mythology says he likes that A LOT) of Maneka, Rambha, Urvashi,……….. Mallika Sherawat!!!!…… who knows he may take fancy to her dancing!!!


IPL finals today…… SINGH IS KING!!!

Yes!!! today is the finals of the Indian Political League and man it is more interesting than any IPL T20 match. What an election!!! Mind blowing!!! Fullto entertainment and extremely gripping!!! After a long time I watched something so closely and Kudos to CNN-IBN to put up such a great show.

The verdict is out……… The Hand rules!!!! Can you believe it Dr Manmohan Singh is going to be the second PM after Jawaharlal Nehru to come to power in two consecutive terms. Congress makes an impressive comeback after years as the single largest party and entire credit of the whole Congress campaign goes to the rather dishy Rahul Gandhi and Mother Sonia and sister Priyanka.

The complete washout of the CPM (till now) in states of Kerala and West Bengal is simply SUPERB especially their phenomenal loss in West Bengal. After almost three decades the CPM has finally been dethroned. A lot of jubilation on that front. Whether or not she is ready for what awaits her (A crippled state) is yet to be found out.

The whole state of West Bengal has been on PAUSE mode for the last 30-40 years. There has been no change or any kind of development there. I do not say this as a bengali but as a citizen of this country. We still talk of Bengal as having the old world charm…….. because there people are still living in the 1960s. It is not as if things have not changed….. it has, but the change has not yet been able to change the mentality of the people there.

I am so glad that people have opted for a change. I don’t know whether the change is for good or bad….. Mamta is not really my favorite person but at least the Bengali babu/dada who cant think beyond his office where he is employed, has finally decided to experiment and take a risk….. that is big time change. He has decided to peek outside the secure confines of his domain and wanted to change his circumstances. Sometimes instability and venturing into the unknown is actually good. It can only get better now because the leaders are now aware that they can be toppled. That is big time change!!!

As was rightly pointed out the only places that CPM had its strong hold world over was in West Bengal, Kerala and CUBA. So now only Cuba is left.

Pawar is fabulous!!! He was a strong contender to become the Prime Minister and very deserving. As chief minister of Maharashtra he was great and we had seen golden years in his regime. There was peace and prosperity.

Though it is a pity that Lalu is out!!! He was my favorite cartoon character!!! BTW what happens to the samosas from now on…… new stuffing??? Samosas will not be the same without him. (Pun intended)

Apart from Modi there was nobody in BJP who could lead. Advani being too old. Thank God that Modi is not coming to power. I personally don’t want a racist and communal leader to lead any state or country. We ought to have a global outlook. We need stability and jobs. We want a secular government and we don’t want any more terror attacks and communal riots. We want peace!!!!

I am so glad that the people who voted have voted wisely. Not because Congress is the best but Congress is what we need at this moment.

Singh is king again!!!

I am happy 😀

Pain management

Yesterday when I returned home from the gym after a workout of an hour, I found my whole house flooded in water…….. soap water to be exact. My washing machine had played up.
Result: I spent the rest of the day mopping the floors. I totally empathize with the people who have their homes flooded in the monsoon. So I am going to stop cribbing of the sweltering heat and wouldn’t mind if the monsoons are postponed a little longer.

My arms, back, and legs hurt like hell. So much for my well deserved holiday!!! The pain wouldn’t recede even after two analgesics. Cleaning 1000 sq ft area is not an easy task. Earlier in the day I had pangs of my OCD and had already cleaned the house twice over. Once alone and once with stinky maid. So this was the last straw!!!!

Earlier on also the machine had played up but I always had the love of my life to bank on and we both did the impossible. Today I was alone!!! I soooooo miss her……. and I hate stinky!!! I hate motivating her everyday and I hate screaming on top of my voice so that she can hear me in the other corner of the house…….. I can’t stay in the same room as her….. else I will end up puking.

So as I was saying the analgesics wouldn’t work. It was bad!!! When hubs returned home I was totally bawling out!!! I am not allowed more than 1000 mg at a time and I could take the next one only after four hours…….. so I just had to bear all of it!!!!

Finally sitting on my rocking chair I decided to try psychotherapy. I had read someplace sometime in the past that you should think of something badder that had happened to someone else or to yourself then it gives you the patience to bear the pain. But then there is no standard degree for pain management. Every person’s tolerance of pain is different. You can’t really say which pain was badder than what.

Every pain at that point of time seems the baddest!!! For e.g. I thought that stomach cramps was real bad when I had throat infection and pain the throat was real bad, the pain after my surgery was also bad…… it had me screaming for pain killers and then the ear pain it was the worst and what about the emotional pain, the pain that happens when you get hurt……… that was real real bad……… the baddest!!! You can’t really say which one is bad!!! Sometimes the headaches are killing !!!

Well I picked out my baddest pain and I actually felt better!!!! It saved me from making a dash for the next dose of analgesic!!! The pain seemed less and the third analgesic at bed time was a miracle!!!! I feel sore today but much better.

I even cooked today!!! Well I cooked yesterday also!!! big deal!!!

Everything after all happens for good. There is goodness in even pain.
As AB says “Dard mein bhi kuch baat hai”

PS: Did you know the teachers at Municipal school get paid between 20 and 30K and they even have 13 computers for the students just read about it in Malvika’s blog.

People come to my blog for weird reasons

Taking a cue from one of the posts by Suranga of Gappa people come to my blog searching for real weird stuff on google. The highest number of hits comes from people looking for nicknames for bengalis. That is the post that gets the maximum number of hits. People search google for nicknames for their loved ones. I mean nicknames are something that you just give your loved one. There is nothing official about it. You can call your loved one tomato or turnip or bholu or tommy. One nickname for one month. Who cares!!! I mean bengalis are supposed to be the most creative lot and you need google to find nicknames!!! You have people keeping names like Megh (cloud), Brishti (rain), Roddur(sunny) etc and they all sound quite dishy.

There was even one that was looking for a nickname for their boyfriend. Can you beat that!!!!I was really amazed when I actually went down that trail and found a chat site talking exclusively on the names for boyfriends. There was one person who said that since she had too many of them so she just kept one name for all of them. No ambiguity there!!! I wonder whether the person in question ever wondered if all her bf’s were to exchange notes. I wish the thread would continue.

Another one for which my blog really gets hits is the arranged marriage thing. People ask: what to ask a girl in arranged marriage!!! The hits that I got are: questions asked by boys/girls for arranged marriage, what to ask when seeing a girl for arranged marriage etc etc!!! And believe me the number of hits is really huge!!!

Guess people really do a lot of research for arranged marriage or maybe it is a way to get prepared before facing the interview panel. Sometimes people are so weird!!! Man get real!!! You are getting married so go with the flow and ask the girl/boy questions that matter to you like for example “Do you stink???” LOL please don’t take my advise else you will lose the girl or boy in question!!!

I am really in the throes of the stinkiness of maid. My replacement maid really really really stinks !!! I wish I had a remedy for that!!!! As soon as she walks in to my home, the advert of lifebuoy “Tandoorusti ki raksha karta hai lifebuoy” keeps ringing in my ears.

On a serious note (nah I am not serious about this post) you should ask stuff that matter to you like stuff about career and family and kids. Lots of women don’t like kids same in the case of men. Same with career some are over ambitious some are not. Some like shopping some are miserly. You can’t have a healthy marriage where the woman keeps shopping while the woman pinches the pennies or vice versa (usually vice versa).

As far as getting prepared for the interview is concerned just be natural. Just some days back I was doing this quiz on fb of celebrities without their makeup and man I just could not get them all right. Madonna and Pamela Anderson looked weird without makeup. I couldn’t have got that right without the hint. You don’t want the guy to scream blasphemy on the wedding podium!!! so be natural!!!

It is very easy to talk careers. I believe we are all good at it and very comfortable talking career. Stuff like where do you see yourself in 5 years time etc etc. So once you have broken the ice talk hobbies, friends, food, politics etc etc. Then just follow your heart and also the brain. It is not rocket science right!!!!

Hey you don’t have to take my advice on this one but just mentioning – did you know I am soon going to be a great grand mother!!! I actually remembered the fact when I read Sucharita’s blog on aunty no 1. I know all of you will be but me I am already one!!!!

Coming back to the topic: There are people exclusively looking for me. Thanks guys!!! I had no idea I was that important!!!! Feels good!!! As for my name……. yeah there are people looking for the meaning of my name. It is derived from the name Renu meaning pollen. So Ranu would be kind of pollen or something related to pollen grains or grains of pollen. Who knows!!! I lived all my life with the name I kinda like it!!!

As for people looking for the meaning of Miya in Miya Malhar……. the answer is : It is a raga created by Miya Tansen. So the Miya comes from there. At least that is what Prayag says.

Another one that is getting a lot of hits is about appearances. People claim that they really don’t care how they look or in some cases they are confused. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be looking for it in google. Believe me whether or not people accept it people do care how they look and appearances do matter. Whether or not to others but even vaguely to themselves but appearances do matter else we wouldn’t have mirrors or mirrors wouldn’t sell.

PS : I haven’t given the links to the various posts………. give me time…….. currently me is moving in slow motion!!!

And I am loving it!!!!

And please DO NOT take me seriously use your instincts it will guide you !!!

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