sister Joanna hay hay 2

This is a follow-up to the Case of Sister Joanna which I have been following-up since yesterday!!! As an update since yesterday Joanna was released on bail and she has filed a case against the parents you can read it here.

The authorities have not done a thing yet and they are still passing on the blame saying it is run by a private institution and it is located in the Cantonment area you can read it here .

Joanna has locked us up in the past and she has got away with it. Will the parents let her get away with it again!!! I am getting a lot of response from my friends and classmates about the same. All of whom have been at one time or another been locked in the class after school for some or the other reason.

But my question is “should corporal punishment be made a part of education ??? should small little children be punished like this??? What do you think???”


Sister Joanna strikes again…… Sister Joanna hay hay!!!

First of all let me first guide all of you to this link here. This is a news article about my school. It is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Maybe I should say that it is in the news for its elusive principal Sister Joanna!!! Today I am ashamed to belong to this school!!!

As you will have read she has kept back small little girls from classes I to IV after school in a locked classroom. Can you imagine this : small little girls aged 5 to 10 kept in a locked classroom without food, water or bathroom facilities in a locked room because their parents had not paid their fees. Whatever the reason….. it is inhuman for somebody to keep small children locked in school after hours for any reason and that too without the knowledge of the parents.

Most of the children were crying when their parents reached there. This is something like kidnapping for ransom. Maybe I am being melodramatic……. but just thinking that it could have been my niece there sends a chill to my heart. The parents were not even informed that their children are held to ransom when the kids did not reach home the parents came to school to find out and there they found out that their kids were kept back.

Most of the children were lucky to have their parents at home to realize that their kids were not home. Take an instance where both parents are working and they reach home in the evening to find their daughter not home.

How irresponsible can an institution become towards small little girls!!! Aren’t these nuns who run the school supposed to be people of God !!! What happened to that??? They are nuns who teach compassion. They taught us all about compassion, love, forgiveness, solidarity etc etc for 12 years of our lives and this is what they do!!!!

So much for being a person of God!!! Does God want this or does any religion dictate torturing small little girls.

When I was in school Joanna made us pray for all the reasons in the world. We were also denied our tenth standard farewell because Saddam Hussein had killed people…… to add insult to injury………. we were having the farewell ritual of writing on each others backs……. something every year the passing out class did when sister punished us by making us kneel down in front of the whole school in the hot sun. I would like to mention here that we were just some days away from our boards!!! what if we got sick….. we would have lost a year!!!

She was the principal of the school when I was in the tenth standard…… Years later when I went to her for permission to hold a reunion in school. She denied me admission inside the school and kept me waiting at the gates for hours and then did not even grant me an interview……. just flatly refused to meet me.

I would like to draw your attention to another article of times of India. You can read it here. This is something another school in India did as a way of disciplinary action……. wherein they refused to grant promotion to students who were naughty!!!

Couldn’t Joanna have done the same thing???? She could have withheld final exam results or simply not granted promotion. Why hold back small little girls from going home that too when the final exams were on!!!

For the very first time I feel very ashamed about studying in a school where small children are tortured!!! I was always very proud of being a product of a school where three generations have studied. I cant say the same now!!!

I close with a sanskrit saying : vinash kalin vipareet buddhi !!!


A very small news shot in the Times of India today stated that the Kerala Government plans to pass a resolution to legalise Euthanasia. I am not even going to think of the uproar it is going to cause if this actually is for real. I can already see Kerala renamed – after being named “GOD’s own country” being advertised as “The new paradise of death….. a new destination for a person to DIE. “

Legalising euthanasia is nothing but social, political and cultural suicide of any society or country. The emotional, moral, ethical, social and physical implications of the word itself is very scary. Personally I am scared of the word. Very scared!!! I am scared of death as well. I am scared of people I love dying around me. I don’t believe that Euthanasia is even an option. I know I am being judgemental when I say that for I have no idea how bad it is for the person who is actually asking for death.

Euthanasia or mercy killing as it is commonly called is nothing but legalising suicide. I know that if and when the government passes the law they will make it for certain medical conditions and with a panel et al but the legal system of our country is such that by just a play of words and some small loop holes in the law, a lot of people will get away with ghastly acts.

I do not believe in killing of anything – animals or humans. They are alike to me. Life is the supreme creation of the almighty. We as his creations should be thankful to what the almighty has given to us and I believe that in some cases we should believe in the karmic version of things…… but killing is definitely not an option. There is always another solution, another perspective, another way to think of the issue……. we should try to explore that.

I was brought up to believe in the destiny of a person and that the death of a person is pre-determined and that everyone who has come to earth also comes with an expiry date. Geeta, the Hindu holy book states that death is inevitable………… so do all other religious books. When your time will come you will die. Why try to take away what you have not given??? What right do we have to do that??? I know the target audience for the so called law are people who are suffering physically and have no hope to live. But hope is something that we have to create within ourselves…… the will to survive when the worst comes our way. I am also aware that death is better than living the life of a vegetable. But is it the right choice??? I personally do not believe in death by choice…… I believe that anybody who chose death in this manner is committing suicide. Euthanasia to is me is SUICIDE!!! Morphine and other drug therapies should be used to ease pain and cure……… not kill.

I am not trying to be a sadist and say that people should suffer….. but then the politicians who have the power to legalise euthanasia should consider the implications of its misuse. They should think Macro and of the long term. They should take active measures to eradicate diseases that are getting people in favor of euthanasia. Some months back we heard of a story where a couple had approached the supreme court for clinically elimination of the pregnancy of the woman because of a malfunctioning heart of the child. Months later we hear of another child who with the same predicament was given birth by his mother and after surgical procedures is surviving and is healthy. What I want to say is that there are options we have to look for them. When God gives us a problem it always comes with a solution the onus is on us to look for the solution. Euthanasia is nothing but a short cut….. A disrespect to LIFE.

How many people in our country die of diseases caused by malnourishment, diseases like malaria, and other diseases where the diagnosis is also not made in time. The stress should be made to enhance diagnostic studies and money should be spent in research of diseases which cause people to opt for things like euthanasia. It should be made mandatory for Corporates to invest in research of these near death causing diseases and it should be made mandatory for research students and scholars to research in such fields. The government think on broader perspectives. Legalising Euthanasia is not a solution in a country like India where people are dying for lack of basic ammenities. In such cases Euthanasia is a short term measure which will be broadly misused.

Life is beautiful….. it is precious….. it is to be lived, loved and cherished not killed !!!!

Are we on the brink of another war???

The news channels for some reason are just about maintaining their peace for once specially after the tremendous hue and cry from the public at large. But the news from the other side is not really that good either with all the terrorist groups joining forces and lending their support to Pakistan to fight their common enemy…… India…… in some cases dushmano ka dost – dushman (India being friends with the US and Israel)

Is this another case of Saddam taking over Kuwait??? The army has suddenly got active and the while Antulay and the other political leaders are creating petty squabbles and giving food to the hungry media….. India is strenthening the border. Are we on the brink of war or is just another case where there is “maru kya…. maru kya” scene on the border and then the whole thing stops. The Mumbai terror attacks have created a lot of public outrage and maybe the Congress in bid to win the upcoming elections go ahead with the war…… but the most important question is….. can we afford a war at this juncture of recession.

Lots of people have already lost their jobs. Companies are closing down and there have been no new ventures started recently only companies that are closing down. The only way the sensex is plunging is downwards (yeah there have been some ups as well….. but only seems a mirage to me). The people have lost faith in the current government and they are trying hard to re-compose themselves and their so-called PR with the people of India. Inflation is going down but isnt this a load on our exchequer??? specially with the global meltdown and all that. Will our exchequer be able to take the burden of another war??? Will the politicians in a bid to secure votes and improve their PR with the people put our country at a risk……. We have not yet got over the losses of Kargil. Is war the only option left???

While we blame Pakistan for the attacks in India….. so do Pakistan specially the burning of the Marriott some time back. The proxy war has been going on for a long time with the US trying to intervene for a long time and at the same time providing the military support to Pakistan and India strengthening its ties with China. We are all nuclear powers today. It makes the whole story so much more scary. I do not understand this game of chess that is going on…… only the diplomats can really say what the scene could be but I still think that we cant afford a war at this time.

As a common man….. I am worried about my daily expenses increasing and me not being able to tide through this recession. I am worried that when I go out from home what attacks I will be facing…. I fear for the security of me and my family. I fear that another war will cripple the economy….. we including the politicians have all worked very hard to bring our country to where it is today….. won’t a war nullify all our efforts in that direction??? but the main question plaguing us today is can we afford a war??? is there no other option???

Moony tales

Did you know on Friday the whole world was celebrating Karva Chauth…… not literally!!! Actually the moon came really very close to the earth almost 45,000 kms closer than it really is……. so it was really appearing very very big and most people were out of their houses watching this phenomenon. This thing has happened after 78 years….. last happened in 1930, and the next time it happens I won’t be around to watch it. In India full moon started at 12:00 midnight.

There were hoards of people watching the normally forgotten moon…… I think that it was a nice change whatever the reasons…… It was nice to see people watching the moon for a change…. It has been sadly neglected. As for me, I had decided to watch it and even put an alarm to wake up at midnight to watch the actual big big moon….. but i slept through….. woke at 4:30 when the people were returning home after watching it.

The weekend otherwise was sleepy!!!! Yeah I worked my butt cleaning almost all the upholstery in the house!!! It is part of the cleaning that we have to do after there has been a death in the family.

Overall a non consequential weekend !!!! just the way I like it!!!! I am rather scared of interesting things happening lest……….. they be scary-interesting can’t palate something like that !!!!

Saw the movie Sorry Bhai!!! amidst all the cleaning and washing. Boring movie!!!! The story is of two brothers who are very close to each other but who develop misunderstandings after the girl the elder brother wants to marry falls in love with the younger brother……. but all is well in the end!!!

I really don’t think anybody should marry a person who is on rebound or somebody who has the last minute jitters of the “grass being greener on the other side” before their wedding. In this movie however the main protagonist a scientist who is researching on para physics and trying to make a wooden dog fly with their combined positive frequencies goes to Mauritius to attend his brother’s marriage to a girl with whom he is going steady for five years. The girl however, is not so sure of the marriage and of the guy who is busy making money. The scientist falls in love with his brother’s girl and so does the girl who already wants to stop the upcoming marriage.

Some parts of the movie are hilarious!!! Specially Shabana Azmi and Boman Irani….. they are your only consolation for spending money and time on such a stupid movie. Chitrangadha singh’s comeback is wasted….. the story is so weak she has no scope to actually make a COMEBACK. I remember her in “Hazaron Khawaishen Aisi”…… she was out of the world!!! This was an insult to her creativity….. very shallow emotions…….. nothing….. just a waste of money and time if you ask me!!!

Pollutants are making men effeminate

I just read an article in the Times of India which said that pollution of common chemicals was making men more feminine. It says that the “Male gender is in danger because of pollution”.

Women today are getting so independent and self satisfied that apart from the process of procreation and lifting heavy weights there is not much use for MEN. After the extensive stem cell research it has already been proved that women don’t really need men for the sperms…. because that can be developed from the stem cells itself….. check google for more info. Apart from that I think nowadays there are various ergonomically designed equipment for lifting heavy weights nonchalantly…… so women can do it with as much ease. Are Men as a gender on their way to extinction ??? I don’t want to dwell on the gravity of the issue but more on the fun aspect of it.

Can you imagine a scenario of this nature???

This probably is already happening. That would explain the booming male fashion industry also the male beauty products. Today men spend as much time or maybe more time than their counterparts on their outward appearance. More and more people are showing interest and actually regularly using the wide array of products. It won’t really be very far off when both partners will be actually doing the proverbial act of “fighting over a mirror”

The fact that I can’t honestly get over is that if this truly happens demand for soft toys will increase……. now wouldn’t that be great….. man you can’t see me smiling. It would also explain why men cry so much……… Many of my male friends really cry!!! so much that once they start they just don’t stop!!! It’s like booooohooooooo without a full stop or comma or a semi colon. Even Rajdeep and my Dad…… even something paltry that would actually make you think that probably you missed something somewhere. My Dad for example actually cries so much when he watches movies and even serials…. that is something ekta Kapoor should research on.

Ma totally disagrees with me she says that it is not true. “Men are strong”. I haven’t yet been able to convince her as to their zero and negative emotional quotient. What can I say….. let people live in utopia and be happy…… ultimately that is what counts. I have had loads of my friends really crying rather bawling over really trivial issues.

If the pollution factors really work I guess I would really not have to explain to my dear hubby the difference between pista green / sea green and other green shades. For him it is green and light green…. simple and sweet. It would be such a change to find men actually enjoying shopping and we would not have all those lewd jokes passing about women shopping. I really think that men are color blind. Can you imagine men shopping for hours and women actually complaining!!!

We would probably have a more cleaner city and not have men regularly checking up on their balls in public…. yukkkk !!! That is the most grossest thing that I am sure I will be glad if the so-called pollution takes it’s toll. It would also put an end to men urinating at any place….. Its gross !!! Why do you think the government has opened up sulabh shochalays….. to beautify the city??? Believe me it is not !!! It is an attempt to make the city cleaner because of you people. Have you ever seen a woman do the same ???

I am not into male bashing either but some things changing would really be soooooo nice !!! I would even be able to shake hands with men…… I never do that!!! All in all I think that a little pollution would not be soooo bad !!!

Aftermath of the killings 2

Hi guys

The aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai are really get funny…… The eccentricities of the ministers puts my humble eccentricities to shame. Well, some minister, Muqtar Naqvi, has a problem with women wearing powder and lipstick and lighting candles in that combination. How disgusting can it get….. First the Home Minister too busy changing clothes then the Chief Minister taking his actor son and director R G Verma on a tour of the blast site and then the deputy Chief Minister quoting Shah rukh Khan in DDLJ and then another minister using doggy ephithets to talk about the family of the martyr of the blast.

While all this drama has been going on there have been fresh blasts in the North east why is nobody talking about that.

The most sane comments came surprisingly Shiv Sena who said that we should implement President’s rule in Mumbai…… Well atleast somebody is thinking of the city over themselves.

The best point in the whole thing was that at last Pranob babu is finally talking tough with Pakistan and this has had Rice fly over asap to smoothen feathers. Are we on a brink of another war….. (A nuke or bio one this time !!!!) We have not yet got over our loss at Kargil but the deployment of troops by both the countries in the borders does raise questions. But Rice flying over and running around between countries does raise eyebrows plus a war at the time of recession will show very badly on our exchequer…….. dont forget the whole global financial melt down and so on.

Only the future can tell us what will happen…… !!!! As the nuns in our school made us do all the time…… lets pray for the best!!! sounds fatalistic but thats all we can do at this time.

Is my blog getting atypical??? I hope not!!!!

Just ending it at a humorous note!!!

Rakhi Sawant has said that if she was air dropped she would have danced and seduced the terrorists to submission !!!

some sms’s that are circulating : (Mumbai Mirror)
~hope chidambaram brings down Terrorism as he brought down the Sensex
~dont worry about the terrorist who come by vote, worry about the ones who come by your vote
~Ramu ne do sarkar banayi ek girayi

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