of kinkies and idiosyncrasies!!!

Every few weeks or may be I should say months…… I encounter this feeling of things just getting out of hand and me losing grips of everything that I think is important to me. This is happening more this year than any other year of my life.

It very often starts with the love of my life…… my maid giving me trouble (in this case she has gone for a very long holiday), somebody invariably not feeling well (read dad and mom) and me running trying to find meaning to my existence as I am caught up between loyalties of staying put with hubs or running home. So as I continue my balance act on one leg in each boat I am confounded by situations….. in this case of people who talk of things which I must say are very irking to me. I consider emotional upheavals luxuries of life specially after I have faced situations of life and death. I consider some person talking vaguely about some emotional thing rather irritating specially when they additionally have a quiz competition of guess-what along with it.

So today a friend of mine mailed me talking in riddles about some stuff which I was vary of. I was waiting for some reports of my dad and was totally irritated by the objective test put before me. At other times I would have laughed along and joined in but today I was irritated and brushed it aside to concentrate on the more important things in life…… read dad’s report. Only to be called back by the friend to ask me why I had not answered and what did I think of it blah blah blah!!! Man was I pissed!!!!

This person is totally aware of my infamous anger but still he had to invite my wrath. Classic case of “Aa bail mujhe mar”. He was almost showing the red scarf…….. in this case a very very red double bed sheet to a very very very irritated bull and he was surprised when I lost it and very politely told him to lay off and do something useful. Some people just don’t take a hint!!! But guess what I deserve brownie points because I did not raise my voice, I did not sound rude and I did not even use the sarcastic note that I usually use…….. just plainly said to lay off and do something useful like digging like my uncles did…….. nope i did not suggest that but I really wanted to.

Now I guess I am going to have to face repercussions of this for a very long time to come. But honestly guys you don’t ask trivia to people with anger management problems. You steer clear of their path.

Talking of anger management guess what my very very cool headed hubs who never ever raises his voice also has anger management problems. Well he just bottles up and does not talk!!! So that means every body does have some or the other kinky habit……. and people blame me!!! I have a major cleanliness disorder and for every job that I do be it cooking or cleaning or……. anything. It is planned, timed, organised and conceptualised to the core, only then I can actually accomplish it flawlessly…….. otherwise in my ken it is a dissatisfying experience.

My maid can’t tolerate anything unorganized or cluttered so if I am not around she does more than she has to………. I so miss her!!!!

Hubs idiosyncrasies go beyond that. I have a habit of scribbling on my notebook when I am studying. Usually some flower in some corner of a page or some absolute work of art. I do that in all the official meetings when somebody goes on and on and on and does not stop and I have to appear attentive so I start drawing, painting and in some cases shading. Hubs cant stand that. Once he even tore a page that he was writing on because I had started to sketch on it. He says he cant think if somebody does that to his book or page. At other times you cant fold a book while reading it. You have to spread it out and then read!!! and you cant fold currency notes they have to be kept flat so much so that when I buy wallets for him I measure the contents with 500 and 1000 rupee notes. He even argues with bhajiwalas and rickshawwalas for torn notes.

My sister has to go to the kitchen of any household that she visits and she eventually starts cooking……. I call her cooker!!! she is so lost in any other room!!! My mom spends hours adorning the idols of the god’s with flowers. She hates it when she comes to my place because I have no flower bearing plants in my balcony…… the ones that are there don’t produce flowers everyday. My dad has a penchant for electric and hardware stuff. When he comes home or goes to any of my sister’s homes he ends up with some or the other electric component which is not working and sees to it that it works.

All in all I realized today that I am not so crazy after all and unless provoked quite sane. I also realized that everybody has their list of kinky’s. I am definitely going to list mine in another post but guess what I am not so abnormal after all. Some people sometimes look at me and make me feel that that I have developed unicorn like horn on my nose!!! Guess what everybody has a horn like me!!!

whats yours ??? what bugs you??? let me know !!!

Till then hoping that everything works out on home front and everybody becomes healthy and happy like before.

Take care

Ham he rahi pyar ke phir milenge chalte chalte!!! (yes I just saw SRK in RBJ)

See ya !!!


weekend blues…… or may be I should say blue weekend!!!

This year has not started off well and is not progressing very well!!! I lost my grand mom-in-law, then my god mother. Call me superstitious, call me coward or whatever but this is just not my year!!! till date this has been the case de facto!!!!

My bro woke me up yesterday midnight to tell me that my uncle has had two massive MIs…… and that was just the icing on the cake. All weekend I was traumatised by Ma and dad not keeping well. Yeah!!! I am a worrier!!! I worry about people falling sick all the time.

My bro told me because I am the official family fore bearer of bad news both sides….. even that of my in-laws. Anything happens to anybody….. I am informed so that I can tell the rest of the clan both sides of the bad news. This is obviously a bad job and I honestly cant see anybody waiting to take over from me. So I have to live up to it…… calling ma and then gently telling Pa that his bro is in the ICU and that he has had two subsequent massive MIs and all this in spite of the fact that I have just woken up my parents from slumber in the middle of the night and that they are both not keeping well. It is a bad job but somebody has to do it. Whether it is Ma and dad who are not keeping well or have had a bad tiff…. I am invariably roped in to calm things between them lest they end up killing each other!!! (the worse part is in such a case I cant even take sides…… if I do they gang up together to kill me) etc etc!!!

Honest to God !!! I hate the job!!! for once I wish that somebody else does it and I am the one panicking, exclaiming, doing the swooning etc etc……. but some of the luxuries in life are not given to me. All the news of the deaths in the family for the last fifteen years have been handled by me!!! Dad calls me up and asks me to tell ma that her bro-in-law is dead and Ma does the same though they are living in the same house. Sisters do the same and all of them live within 20kms of each other and me I am 130 kms away but still I do the bad job…. that too individually.
Right now I am not worried about how things are being handled by my uncles siblings but more as to how things are with him!!! He is still in ICU with the doctors refusing an angioplasty….. his arteries are all blocked and they have just installed a pacemaker. He is old…. but then men in my family never really realise that and want to accomplish the impossibles…… My grand father used to go shopping for veggies till he was in his nineties, dad walks 7 kms everyday, my uncle who is in the ICU was digging the garden when he had the MI…… can you believe it…… somebody doing digging at the age of 82. Paternal aunt does all the work in her house including even taking care of her hubby who is on bed for the last one year all single handedly and refusing help of any kind…… some family!!!

I wish I could really use the proverbial whip with these people and get them to stick to books, music, television and stuff like like all the other normal bengalis rather than changing four buses in a day to reach some god forsaken place in the heat of Pune !!! I am so mad!!! I could really give it to them which I will!!! just let him get out of the ICU!!!

Right now I am glued to the phone and I call up every half an hour much to the chagrin of my sis-in-law who is terribly irritated with me and has told me that nothing will happen to anybody almost a zillion times but then I am also the insecured maniac of the family and she just has to deal with me !!!

Just have to do the stuff the nuns at school taught us to do!!! PRAY!!! hope that helps!!! but I must say it is not helping my patience!!! I sooooo love my life………… I could kill !!!

Valentine blues

Valentines came and went. I know this post comes a little late but I honestly don’t really have anything to say about valentines anymore everything said about it sounds absolutely cliched. The day for love…. everyday is for love, it is an advertising gimmick, etc etc….. for me valentines is really meaningless apart from the few that I spent in college……. where I must say beating up boys sounded more interesting than actually going around with them.

When I was a kid my eldest sis had given me a valentine card….. It was a simple card which had a teddy bear on it saying “Will you be my Valentine!!!”…… it was a cute card…… which I still have with me. I was in the fourth standard when she gave it to me. I always thought that when I grew up I would give it to someone. Never found the right person and after that became cynical and the whole thing lost meaning.

When I was older and in college……… Nobody would ever approach me on Valentines…… at least I don’t remember spending any with a guy. Occasionally the brave ones who would risk my wrath and whose bravery i honestly appreciated would come up with a rose or a card……. I would congratulate them by not beating them up but rather eating up the rose they brought!!! The only thing that I still cant get over today is the fact that those damn roses I ate contained so much pesticides!!! I didn’t know then else i would have come up with something else to do with it.

Today when I cook I cant even fathom putting any rose petals in anything I cook for fear of causing food poisoning to the people eating it…… Hey I know about the pesticides because I grow roses myself and I know the amount of pesticides required to keep the roses in the manner they come!!!! Not your classic case of romance or romantic!!!!

It honestly took a great deal to get underneath the prickly nature that I carried with me so I usually spent all the valentines in solitude…… The only importance of valentines to me is that,……….. that is the day I got my licence to drive!!! I told you I am definitely not your classic case of a romantic.

In college we had sari day on Feb 14Th. The principal who constantly advocated the garment was the happiest that day……. for it was the day to finally see all her girls blossom into lovely ladies…… on that day she would grin from ear to ear much to my chagrin!!!! Well I was not so happy as I had to drive in a sari and carry the damn thing with me. Believe me it was actually carrying the sari…. at least that is what it felt for a person who wore denims as their second skin.

I did have loads of fun on one particular Valentine when me and my friends drove through the length and breadth of Pune on our bikes with our newly acquired licences. It was also a friend’s birthday so it made it more fun. The most memorable point in the whole story was that Archie (the girl whose birthday it was) got caught by the cop for jumping a signal. I have no idea but it is a personal observation that people drive very rashly during the valentine season…… not something I truly appreciate. I love driving at a slow pace enjoying my drive!!! Lots of people don’t necessarily agree with me…… who cares anyway!!!!

That’s the max I remember of Valentines!!!!

This year hubs and me were busy with my aunt finally leaving and we driving to the airport to drop her and then losing our way in the blessed lanes of Mumbai and then making detours through the traffic and then finally getting home after four hours…… here I must mention that it is the same time that I would take to go home to pune and come back. I so hate Mumbai traffic specially with the whole place dug up…… they just wont give up until they have found the treasure dug up by Queen Victoria!!! As for us we were so glad to be back home!!!!

On our way home we did see lots of lovey dovey pairs walking hand in hand lost in each others eyes. It feels so nice to see someone in love!!! Love is a very pure feeling and it can be clearly seen in the eyes of these young pairs. The lake next to my home was also full of them also full of cops who were keeping an eye for any untoward incident….. it was nice to see that they did not shoo off the couples but let them stay. After a very long time I saw the lake….. happy……. at least that is what it looked to me.

Valentines over…….. I am back to my classes and my beloved books!!!! I kinda love them now. Also starting some serious gymming today……. keeping my fingers crossed that this time I achieve the impossible!!! God willing this time I will lose weight.

Weekend Chronicles

Hi!!! Long week and totally swamped with work!!! Too much!!! This one promises to be even longer but immense satisfaction for this weekend because I did not spend it watching some dabba movie as I usually do but spent it with family at Pune……YESSS !!!! I was in paradise this weekend!!!

It was so eventful that I had no idea when Saturday passed and when Sunday came and went. For one I met up with friends from school and I met my favorite aunt. As usual my whole family had trooped in to meet me…… I so like that…… I almost feel like I am some kind of VIP. This time the additional highlight was that my bro-in-law had actually taken print-outs of my blog and there was a reading session going on. Man can you believe that!!! I live in perpetual bliss that the only people who read my blog are Dhir and Hubby…… I do the ostrich/turtle trick that nobody ever bother reading anything I write and I can do what I want…….. Guess have to start legally revising my blog before posting anything after all I cant let my precious nieces think that I am some sort of nincompoop!!!

Let me start with my school classmates first:
Flashback: Long time ago almost two years ago….. I started a site of my school in orkut, I was in touch with very few of my school friends approximately five of them……. out of that three of us Manju, Christy and me used to interact on a regular basis via orkut. It so happened that on one bored evening I started randomly looking for other friends from my class and found some. They were in touch with some more and as they say “Caravan banta gaya!!!”. We moved from Orkut to Google groups because we were getting hacked and people we did not wish to interact with were getting involved…… some we did not wish to refuse. This was more private and we could interact on a daily basis. We decided to meet up. Since majority of the ladies are in Pune…… we meet up there. We met first on 16th of March 2008 then in November 2008 and then this weekend on 18th of January 2009.

Present: Today we are 32 of us (all from my class) in touch with each other on a daily basis thanks to Internet and google groups. All of us are scattered all over the world but most of us are in Pune and since we all still have family in Pune we find it very convenient to meet there……. even if we don’t have family it is very nice to go back to the place we grew up…….. I speak for all of us!!!! It is so nice to meet the people with whom we grew up…… we have grown so different from what we were when we were kids but still there is this inherent common thing in all of us and underneath all the stuff that we have put on…….. we are still the people the nuns from school created!!!! I am in touch with my friends from college and management college as well, also work but the friends from school hold a special part in my life!!!

This weekend I met a new friend……. Reena…….. new in the sense I was meeting her for the first time after school and it was so nice to see her. Whatever the nuns planned for us…… we have turned into very nice human beings…….. we stand up for each other at all times……… almost as if we belong to the same family. I kinda like that a lot and honestly I think that this is one of the biggest achievements of my life to keep in touch with so many of friends and God willing I will do that for the rest of my life. That is another thing that is common in all of us!!!! We all are God fearing and thank God for everything that happens at all times. I just pray to God that I can hold on to them and hold them together for the rest of my life…… I want that on any bleak day when the going gets tough whatever happens to them and wherever they are……… they can always log on to google and talk to their friends…… friends who they can count on…… friends who will be with them when the going gets tough…… and not judge them.

We are planning on a website for the class and I am really hoping that we will be able to do something on that front and then we can officially be able to post pics and notes from all of them and also their children and we can see the kids growing….. so that when they are old they can do the same and hold on to friends for a lifetime!!!

I met my favorite aunt this weekend. She lives in the UK. We chatted till the wee hours of the night till ma had to banish both of us to bed. She has promised to stay with me for some days before she goes back……. I am so looking forward to her visit and then my house will not be the bhoot bangla…… with me doing the mashal dance of “disla ga bai disla”. You see I come from a family of three sisters and one dog. Our house always had a lot of running around, screaming, shouting, laughing, crying……. everything in extreme……. specially with all three of us being headstrong. My home in comparison seems very subdued and sometimes rather lonely and I love all the running and laughing and crying so I generally love having people over and having the Full house!!!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend and I had a blast. I met my sisters and bro-in-laws and even attended as I said earlier a reading of my blog and most importantly I met my Ma and Pa. It was fun. I hope to have another one like this one very shortly.

You have a nice and successful week and you take care !!!!

Wishing you a prosperous 2009

First of all a very happy new year to all of you!!!


May all your dreams and aspirations for this coming year be fulfilled and may you achieve all that your heart desires and may all of you have a peaceful but successful 2009. I know this comes a little late but then since we have not yet crossed the magic mark of 7Th it is still new. So again a very happy new year to you.

As for me last week was a little hectic as Ma and Pa were here with me and I was blissfully happy at being back to the time when things were just like this before. I got to usher in the new year just like old times……. It was fun. I left them in Pune yesterday and now it is again me and hubs and the house is again empty as before. For the last one week the house seemed so much different and happy and full. I miss ma and pa and you wont believe it but I have already called them three times since morning. They are already thinking that something is wrong with me and I definitely dont want them to get worried about me. Today I wish I was the flamingo. I could have gone and come and gone again. Miss them a lot….. a poem for them check it out!!!!

I so MISS cooking (which I otherwise don’t like much) and taking ma and pa out some place. Also miss arguing with ma. I do that a lot. I miss the morning and evening blowing of the conch as ma finishes her prayers and dad cribbing about the breakfast options, Ma running after me all day to eat something or the other while I keep complaining about how much weight I am putting upon. I miss Ma making all the delicious stuff specially my favorite begun bhaja everyday. I love the begun bhaja that my ma makes……. nobody in the whole world can make it like her. I miss running after dad when he is doing something or the other in the house. I really wish that they didn’t have to go. But I guess dad and ma love their plants more than they do me. “The plants are wilting” they’d say. The first thing that I did when we reached home was water the plants. Can’t let them die…… right !!! I miss Pune too.

The temperature at Pune is almost four degrees lesser than Mumbai and so consequentially hubs dear got a chill and then cold and then very conveniently transmitted that to me and while he is fit as a fiddle and pranced off to work today morning…… I lay surrounded by tissues and the steamers. I just cant stop sneezing and coughing. Guess my immunity needs working upon. Specially immunity from hubs!!! Nice start to the new year!!!! I hope this is not the preview of the whole year ahead but then considering that hubs has achieved the impossible (of making Ma and Pa stay for one full week) everything he does is forgiven. It was really something to see my usually reticient hubs suddenly become Annaconda and get my parents to stay the full week. They were going to leave on the 31st morning…… he actually made dad change his mind and stay the week. He achieved the impossible you know!!!! All my life the only person who could change Dad’s decision was me and I had to really really fight tooth and nail for that. Rajdeep actually did what very few people in the world could achieve so right now he can get away with murder as far as I am concerned.

I don’t really make resolutions in the new year. I usually do that on my birthday. The most important resolution that I made for this year is to complete my thesis and to lose weight……. lots of it. I am working on it!!! A friend of mine told me some days back that the key to losing weight is to imagine yourself as you want to be. You will lose weight immediately. It is all about training the mind to do what you want to do. Does not work for me. For the last two years since I have seen Carol Gracias, I have always imagined to have a “haddi ka dhacha” body like hers!!!! I have never ever had one haddi coming out ever in my life. Well I didn’t get it. I mean just think of it…… anybody who is so thin like her would never need an x-ray if she ever broke a rib or a bone. The bones are so prominent from the outside that anybody can spot a broken bone from the outside. The doctor will automatically say that rib no 5 is having a hair line fracture. I have imagined being thin like Carol Gracias all the time but nothing happened.

My last year’s resolution also was to lose weight. I did lose but could not attain the Carol Gracias standards. I lost almost 12 kg (and then put on two more) but not one teeny meeny haddi came out. Yeah!!! the elbow and the fingers and toes….. as hubs pointed out. Hubs, Ma, Pa my sisters and my best friend would be perpetually after me to eat. But my conviction stayed. I did not starve myself but then stayed away from the fatty, junk, and hi-sugared food and eventually lost 5% body fat…… but nahhhh not one small haddi made an appearance. So when Ma came this time I just put all my convictions in the air and ate all the begun bhajas that I could. I am going back to my precious diet again today but then I haven’t stood on the scale for two weeks and I am really scared at the outcome. My weight just wont go below 60 whatever I do. I even increased my exercise but no results there. Guess I will have to work even harder to break the plateau.

I close by keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this year I achieve the fifties. I am going to do my best and leave the rest to my destiny……… So what are your resolutions for this year??? what were they last year unlike me did you achieve them???

Dabba chronicles

Weekend reporting time again. Not the usual of movie reporting this time as I usually do because I did not watch any movie this weekend….. I had been to Pune and yes I was lucky to attend my sister’s birthday after a very long time and guess what I finally convinced my parents to come and stay with me for sometime…… believe me it was not an easy task to do rather something that I had to really work upon and that is not the end of it….. I am really going to work hard to get them to stay here for some time. I remember a story that I was told of a child who hid the shoes of people, when he did not want them to leave him….. guess I should try that!! I don’t think that it will work. My parents might walk out on me bare foot that would be badder than anything else.

Unlike Mumbai’s glorious two hours of winter that we usually have in the mornings, Pune is in its full winter glory. It was between 9 and 10 degrees Celsius this weekend!!! For us Mumbaikars that is a great deal!!! It was so beautiful because Pune is my favorite place on earth and in winter it is truly resplendent in its full glory. I love winter…… my favorite time of the year.

Rajdeep was not a very happy person though!!! He hates winter and anything that is cold. While he remained totally swamped in woolens and layers of clothing. I trotted around enjoying the warmth of the blankets which I must say we never ever use in Mumbai. So these weekend I spent my time with my family and between cups of hot tea, Rajdeep and me exchanged our notes on dabbas……. you know the ones kids carry to school. Here I must mention that Rajdeep is an absolute foodie. So after watching a commercial on television where a kid was absolutely adored and respected by his peers and the bullies in his class because his mom cooked the best food.

I am not a foodie so I could not remember what people carried in their tiffins and it was suddenly amazing to note that Rajdeep could remember all the people by the tiffins that they carried to the dot. It was amazing!!! and as we were exchanged notes on tiffins I realised that I did not have much to say on the topic as I never ever bothered what anyone else ate around me. I usually opened my lunch box gobbled the contents and got on with my work….. which was usually completing some homework.

Rajdeep’s stories about tiffins is marvelous. In his class the lunch boxes were plundered. He visually described the food that each of his classmates so graphically and that too after so many years that I was amazed and he could recollect that one of his classmates like the protagonist in the commercial, was respected for the food that his mom sent him, which was yum and which usually constituted of different types of parathas and chole and rajma and all the stuff that he loved and it seems to be a unanimous decision because everybody vied for this particular tiffin. Surprisingly non-veg lunch-boxes and rice based lunch boxes were not on the hit list nor were the jam and butter sandwiches. The top ten included all the stuff with parathas (different types) omelets (both veg and non-veg [tomato]), idli, dosas, grilled sandwiches, puri bhajis, besan puris etc etc.

It is somehow amusing to note that the kid in question was somehow known and remembered till date for the lunch boxes that he carried. Rajdeep does not even remember the names of some of the students but definitely remembers the food carried by them. Mothers do note this and send your kids yummy food for in the future your kid will be remembered for the goodies that your labor to make for him every morning.

As for me, being a bengali my ma (who is an excellent cook) used to send me lots of aubergine and cauliflower preparations with chappatis or parathas and since both of them are my favorites I was happy all through. Sometimes I did receive comments like do you have a khet (fields) of cauliflower and brinjal !!!…… that never spoilt my spirits. I was happy to eat cauliflower and brinjal day after day!!! The occasional okra and beans and other veggies did have me complain but then ma put me back onto my favorite diet. Ma used to give me idlis and dosas too….. I loved those as well specially the coconut chutney.

As far as other peoples lunch boxes are concerned, I never ever noticed them. Rajdeep was totally aghast when he heard this……. then after a lot of brain-storming I remembered this person I don’t really remember from school or college, who carried this lovely tiffin and she first removed a serviette and spread it and then she opened her lunch box on it and then she separately removed the chappatis which were wrapped in a muslin cloth, then the veggie preparation from a separate tupper ware tiffin, then salad from another, chaas from another, and lastly fruits and she used to relish the food and spend time on it. The whole tiffin was very small but very nicely comparmentalised with small little boxes. I liked to watch the whole procedure of her relishing food…….. almost spiritual while i normally made a dash for mine I would make a roll of all chapatis and veggies and gobbled it…… fast work.

We sat together and marvelled at both our totally different perspectives and while I loved the paraphernalia involved with the eating Rajdeep went directly for the kill…. the food. He was amazed that I never ever noticed the food!!! I have never been interested in the food aspect…. it has always been eat to live not live to eat for me…… Well we are different!!!! guess that is what keeps us happy!!! not the same boring similarity!!!!

another weekend goes by!!!!

Another weekend……. this one very close to new years. I spent it in watching two new movies. Yeah I no…… I was supposed to be studying. Don’t worry I will get into the groove of the whole thing very soon. It does take me time that I have to re-organise my life so I spent the weekend conceptualising the whole new dimension of my life. I really am a control freak so for me to get into the groove is really taking time. Perhaps I am making excuses for myself and as usual time is the only thing that is not in my hands.

By the way I stumbled upon this nice site with lots of quotes with good pics so i am going to put up one for my benefit everyday.

The movies that I saw Rab ne bana di jodi and Oh my god!!!…… that is the name of the movie. Thankfully the second one was comedy and the first one could not make me cry so i guess it wasn’t too bad.

Rab ne bana di jodi is a fulltu punjabi drama……. with Shahrukh’s melodrama!!!! too much actually….. The story is about a girl who is to get married to her boyfriend who dies and shahrukh steps into his shoes and marries her himself instead. Shahrukh is the typical small town, middle class bachelor who lives alone, cooks for himself, puts in more than required hours at work, no friends…… in short boring life. He falls in love with his wife but wife does not love him…… she is the typical case of “being in love with love”. Eventually he gets her to love him in return….. The only sane thing in the whole movie is the girl (anushka). Her character has been designed beautifully……… she is absolutely sane and balanced….. I loved her character…… very real. In he end after one dance competition, one wrestling match, one motorcycle chase and the entire entourage of the city of Amritsar the couple go for their honeymoon to JAPAN!!!! amazing na……. happens only in our very own bollywood…….. well also in James bond movies…… take your pick!!!!

The other movie Oh my God !!! is a case where God is confused about his own creation. The story is of the classic case of thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai. It is the story of an honest man who wants to get the little something extra in life and in his pursuit for the mirage he forgets /overlooks the simple pleasures that his life gives to him. The characters are beautiful and very real!!! The main protagonist in the movie played by Vinay Pathak is a great fan of Dhirubhai Ambani and wants to become like him his wife played by Divya Dutta is always supporting him in his eccentricities and truly his anchor. The movie pushed the point that in trying to get something that is not with us…….. we might even lose what we have and miss out on the true joys of life……. not really funny but it does not fail to make you smile.

As for me I have to really pull up my socks and get on with my studies……… lots to do……. !!!

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